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Expert Witness
Chartered Civil Engineer


My general background as a chartered engineer and as a Managing Director of a Construction company for over 30 years enables me to perform the role of an Expert Witness. This role is assisted by my work as a lay magistrate.

What I can offer
I am asked by claimants and defendants (usually following a recommendation from a tour operator, insurance company or solicitors practice) to act as Expert Witness.

I understand that as an Expert Witness I have a duty to the Court and that my expert evidence should be (and should be seen to be)
  • The independent product of the expert
  • Uninfluenced by the exigencies of litigation
  • That the Court should be provided with independent assistance by the expert witness, in the form of an unbiased, objective opinion, in relation to matters within my expertise
  • That an expert witness should never assume the role of advocate
Case Studies
Please view a selection of case studies

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