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Professional Experience

  • Worked on large Civil Engineering projects and in a design office between 1968 and 1973

  • After joining Planwell Properties (Herts) Ltd in 1973, responsible for administering all aspects of a building/development company. The company has had a varied portfolio involving new build, repair, maintenance and refurbishment of domestic, commercial and industrial property within the private sector.

  • From 1996, involved on behalf of Ron Wheal Associates Limited in administering the AITO Independent Dispute Settlement Service and Travel Industry Arbitration Service (TIAS) written awards scheme. These mediations are all associated with holiday disputes and my written awards are intended to reflect an unbiased decision in respect of Claimants and Defendants stated cases.

  • During 1997 I received instructions to investigate and prepare a report on a balcony accident that had occurred in a Balearic Island (Ibiza). The report included an analysis of the building laws existing in the Balearic Islands and comparison with English regulations

  • I have received many subsequent instructions to investigate overseas accidents from both Claimants and Defendants and as joint expert, acting through their respective solicitors/tour operators/insurance companies. These instructions have included many balcony accidents , injuries sustained in 'slip and trip' accidents, death of an infant by drowning in a swimming pool, staircase fall accident, swimming pool and glazing accidents

  • I have conducted seminars to companies involved within the construction industry
Field End Barn, 2 Bury Farm, Kimpton, Herts SG4 8RH
Tel 01438 833379 Mob 07836 200837
Email davidbphillips@btopenworld.com
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